In regelmäßigen Newslettern berichtet der ECSSA Verband über die neusten Trends, Marktentwicklungen und Möglichkeiten der Effizienzsteigerung im Bereich der Personalberatung und -Entwicklung im europäischen Raum.
Die neusten Kenntnisse zu den verschiedenen europäischen Ländern können Sie hier lesen:

Job opportunities: employees over 50 will be in higher demand in the future
The demand of companies and organisations for employees in the 50+ age group will increase in the next five years. The hiring companies want to benefit from their experience, market knowledge and expertise in particular. These estimates are based on the results of a recent panel survey entitled “Personalsuche 50+: Veränderungen spürbar?” (Recruiting 50+: changes noticeable?) by the German Association of Management Consultants (Bundesverband Deutsche Unternehmensberater – BDU).
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Managing a dual career abroad: the great disillusionment
Within the next ten years, nearly 4 million French people will be involved in expatriation at some point in their lives. They will leave their home countries at any age, but especially in the first part of their careers, when building both professional and personal life. Unlike the previous generation, the „following“ partners, still mostly women, difficultly accept today to write off their career dreams. How can companies manage this concern of „dual career“?
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Belgium: focus on ‘Sustainable work’
The concept of sustainability was applied to work for the first time about 10 years ago. Sustainable work refers to achieving working conditions and conditions of employment in such a way that ‘they support people in engaging and remaining in work throughout an extended working life’ (Eurofound – ‘Sustainable work over the life course: Concept paper’ – 2015).
In Belgium, the issue of work sustainability is on the high priority list of policy makers.
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Investing in the reputation of the profession
Consulting’s poor reputation is one of the most critical issues Italian search and selection firms have to cope with. The work of the consultant, especially in the HR field, is rarely recognized as adding value; the client focuses only on the final outcome (hiring on a “suitable” professional), disregarding the importance and effectiveness of professional consulting services. For too long the consulting sector has been a mere spectator to a market upheaval in which firms compete to offer the lowest prices, noticeably lowering the quality of the services available.
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United Kingdom
UK Recruitment market goes from strength to strength
For many UK search and selection firms, 2015 was a good year. Latest data from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation shows that the UK recruitment market grew by 9.7% in 2014/5.
The recession had a profound impact on UK recruitment, including on executive search. But now, latest survey data from the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) shows employer confidence is returning.
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Burning the CV
Very often in Search and Selection companies we come across candidates who apply indiscriminately for advertised positions for which they do not meet the minimum requirements.
We are not referring only to matters of nuance or to those which could be considered as coming within the scope of a supposed flexibility of requirements. This is much more reckless, in which with a simple „click“ the candidate applies for the position without having the slightest chance of passing beyond the first filter because they do not even remotely meet the most objective profile requirements.
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