German SME Summit 2016

Top Consultant_Siegerfoto Hr. Müller-Naendrup

Ueberlingen / Essen

For the third time more than 1,000 SME decision-makers met on June 24  at the German SME Summit in Essen. At the conference the main topics were the digital transformation and business model innovations. At the award ceremony in the evening compamedia and prominent mentors paid tribute to the most innovative SMEs and the Best Consultants in the SME sector. They were congratulated by the two mentors of the competitions TOP 100 and TOP CONSULTANT, Ranga Yogeshwar and former President. D. Christian Wulff. Particularly honored were the “innovators of the year” and for the first time the “Consultant of the Year”.

We are pleased as well about an award with the quality seal in the category of the Best Consultants in Germany. The main measurement criteria were “competence, seriousness, SME orientation and customer satisfaction”. The method for determining the Best Consultants for SMEs was developed by Dr. Dietmar Fink and his team from the Scientific Society for Management and Consulting (WGMB). Decisive for the award of the title “Top Consultant” is a customizable consultant performance focusing on SME .

A brief synopsis about Us can be found on the official website and you can also find the overview of the best consultants in 2016 here.

On the official website you can find more information and impressions from the event and the evening.

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